Tech and research

In the hope that someone will find it useful, here is a list of articles, tutorials and tips/tricks on the subject of technology and art.

To see the source code of my instruments, systems and compositions, see my Github profile where almost everything I do is shared.


SuperCollider packages

These packages extend the functionality of the SuperCollider audio programming environment. They are the result of my own artistic research and needs

  • Sleet – A library / factory for SuperCollider sound effects
  • Particular – A package for particle synthesis
  • AllBuf – Create all possible buffer player patches as SynthDefs in SuperCollider (all = many)
  • Else – A collection of useful and/or weird pattern classes
  • PolyBuf – Easily load and access a bunch of audio files into collections of buffers
  • KFilter – Tiny quark that adds a nodeproxy role for \kfilter

Ranger plugins

These plugins extend the capabilities of the Ranger File Manager, they were mainly developed to make audio archive management easy and neat


  • SoX Tricks – Powerful audio organization / batch editing scripts based on the SoX audio tool
  • Awesome SuperCollider – 💻🎹🎛🔊 A curated list of SuperCollider stuff
  • Cookiecutter for Quarks – Interactive command line tool for creating SuperCollider packages in seconds.