Mads Kjeldgaard


A portable Arch Linux Computer Music system on a USB drive

Inspired by this blog post, I have been toying with a silly idea lately: A completely portable Arch Linux distribution set up properly for computer music, but flashed onto a USB thumb drive so that I may pop it into any computer, boot from the thumb drive and start creating music on whatever hardware is in front of me. I have achieved this now using the awesome alma project. Alma is a tool for creating persistent USB installations of Arch Linux using a series of configuration files and bash scripts called presets.

Notes on creating packages for the Arch User Repository (AUR)

These are notes I have been taking while making packages for the Arch User Repository, a community based package repository for users of Arch Linux and it’s derivative operating systems. This isn’t a complete guide and certainly not beginner friendly but should help some people with some linux experience get started. If you have a tolerance for YouTube videos, then maybe this video will be helpful to you. It is also recommend to read the official guide on how to create packages: Creating packages.