It began when a car exploded outside my window in Paris. Some guy had made a mistake while fixing his car or something and now his car and a car parked next to it were burning through the night while fire fighters were spraying water on it and bashing it with an axe to make the car horns stop.

This gave me the idea to write music exploring the idea of the state of emergency (in Danish: Undtagelsestilstand, which literally translates to ‘state of exception’) which was in effect at the time. I wanted to create my own sonic zones of suspension where all laws are foldable, perspectives may be modulated and time reversed in a deep, zen-like void.

Boomkat: “Proper chicanery from Copenhagen’s Mads Kjeldgaard on the excellent, Berlin-based Conditional label … from viscous plasma to intoxicating ether with a mind-bending quality…”

Conditional: “Two side-long computer music monoliths from Copenhagen’s Mads Kjeldgaard exploring a deeply unsettling sound world of elasticity and uncertainty. This is an absolute trip, a deeply physical work that drops you into the centre of a weightless maelstrom of unknowable and uncanny forces. Headphones very much recommended.”


Cover photography by Sofie Amalie Klougart. Exploded car by resident in the Belleville area of Paris.